Ashburton Pool

Soundfix Acoustics was approached by the City of Boroondara to tender on an acoustic treatment for the Ashburton Pool. The large indoor public pool was suffering from immense reverberation problems due to a complete lack of soft furnishings, high occupancy and a very high ceiling. The pool was due to be renovated and the council wanted Soundfix to complete the installation during the renovation period.
The works presented several challenges, all of which were successfully met by Soundfix Acoustics which delivered a stunning and extremely effective result. Access to the ceiling, due to its height, required the use of scaffolding that had been erected for the purpose of recladding. However, since the acoustic foam could only be installed after the cladding was completed, the entire works had to be done in an extremely tight time frame, which meant nearly around the clock work for Soundfix Acoustics. The atmosphere of the pool is also unusually corrosive due to chlorine, and the fixing solution had to be robust enough to last over 20 years without replacement. Soundfix Acoustics achieved this by using a unique mixture of adhesives approved by the City. Finally the slope in the ceiling meant that each ribbon had to be cut on site to ensure it hung parallel to the rest. The choice of acoustic material was critical here and Soundfix sourced a product that could be quickly and safely cut as needed to complete the installation while also redesigning its established workflow around this requirement.
The end result is a striking acoustic treatment that has greatly reduced reverberation in the Ashburton Pool, and also generated repeat business from the City for SoundFix Acoustics.