Red Bubble Boardroom

Red Bubble is an online retailer of artwork with offices in Australia and the US. The company relies heavily on video conferencing technology to co-ordinate in real time. The Collins Street office had furnished their boardroom with top of the line teleconferencing equipment including built-in microphones at each seat, a premium speaker system and multiple video monitors.
However even with the best equipment the American executives were constantly complaining about audio quality when conferencing with their Australian counterparts. Echo and reverberation in the room was too much for the microphones.
The solution was a sound absorption treatment from Soundfix Acoustics which was able to eliminate the troublesome echo without compromising the design of the conference room, which was seen as critical in a creative office. During this installation Soundfix Acoustics developed skills and knowledge that have since been applied to many boardrooms suffering from the same video and teleconferencing issues.