Adelaide Zoo

In 2015, Adelaide Zoo contacted SoundFix Acoutics to review sound levels in the night quarters of its most famous residents – Giant Pandas Wang Wang and Fu Ni. Adelaide Zoo’s pandas are part of the international Giant Panda research, conservation and breeding program designed to conserve this endangered species. Should Fu Ni one day fall pregnant, her birthing cycle could potentially fall during two of Adelaide’s largest festivals. Noise from these events carries across the Torren’s River precinct and the Botanic Park into zoo grounds. The extra noise being generated at the festivals resonated into the panda building and sound levels greater than 85 decibels have been recorded. In preparation for a potential birth, it was essential Adelaide Zoo staff minimised noise disturbances in Fu Ni’s environment. Pandas are very sensitive to sound, especially in the lead up to the yearly breeding season or a potential birth. SoundFix Acoustics worked collaboratively with the panda care team at Adelaide Zoo to formulate a solution to the excessive noise problem. After months of collating research and performing and analysing sound diagnostics of the panda’s environment and night quarters area, SoundFix Acoutics installed its sound absorption panels in Fu Ni’s night quarters, den and other key areas of concern in the panda environment