Is noise creating an obstacle for your staff and affecting a happy development of children in your kindergarten? 

Whilst the thought of controlling sound in an area used for young, loud, innovative and eager to learn children may seem difficult, SoundFix Acoustic provides you with the solution. Our acoustic panels provide an astoundingly effective absorption of this excessive noise, and helps create a controlled learning environment essential to all young children. 

Our young have a special sensitivity to excessive noise, and we must ensure they are learning in an environment fit for their developing ears. Their little ears may be damaged if they are in an environment with loud noises for a prolonged period. Kindergartens naturally are a place of excitement and loud noise production. 

SoundFix Acoustics embrace the natural environments of Kindergartens, and offer a convenient and cost effective solution to your noise problem. Our panels absorb the noise that would usually be transferred through the air creating excessive noise. 

With the treatment of our acoustic panels, young children are able to tune in on the words spoken by the teacher, without the distraction of other competing noises. Our aim is always to create a harmonious environment for both student and children in focus.