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Increase acoustic comfort to positively impact workers’ and patients’ wellbeing.


More private and quieter facilities for health workers and patients

Medical and aged care facilities are often noisy due to the tasks carried on and the number of people in such places. Multiple sources show that noise can trigger different problems for patients and health workers. The issues can go from impacting blood pressure and heart rate to increased errors due to lack of concentration. Many of these places have a poor acoustic design that makes the noise travel around offices causing a lack of privacy for patients and health workers.

We can help improve the acoustic conditions in hospitals, aged care facilities and medical centres. Our acoustic panels are designed to absorb the noise and prevent it from bouncing back, attenuating echo and reverberation in any room while increasing acoustic comfort and privacy. The panels are highly adaptable and quick to install which makes them the ideal acoustic solution for a healthcare facility. Let us help you fix the noise and get a quieter and more functional space for your patients and workers.


Some of our work in healthcare facilities

In average


Of health workers, experience problems focusing due to noise



Of health workers also report being irritated by noise at work

At least


Is the level of noise in a hospital during the daytime, as loud as a vacuum cleaner.


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“The first thing I did was I clapped my hands and I said that’s unbelievable! It was literally that dramatic, the change. Because that was the biggest issue there was a lot of echo in the room and a lot of background noise… The kids immediately noticed the difference”

Nigel Rodrigues
Deputy Principal, St Finbar’s School

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“The gymnasium was not really suitable for its purpose because you could not communicate… The reverberation in here made it uncomfortable even for its use in sport because with the teacher having to talk with children while they were bouncing balls around, they could not be heard so they started to blow whistles and raise their voices and that even added more sound to the souND”

Emilio Scalzo
Principal, St Bernard’s Primary School.

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They were able to answer all my questions, and they were able to provide a solution within a couple of days. I’d happily recommend SoundFix to anyone

Nigel Rodrigues
Deputy Principal, St Finbar’s School

It is just remarkably different after installing the panels. Every teacher has commented on the change, and it also looks fantastic, it blends in beautifully

Emilio Scalzo
Principal, St Bernard’s Primary School.

The first day after the installation we noticed improvement in the reverberation… We can actually talk and interact with people I can recommend the product

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