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Most schools and kindergartens struggle with noise that impacts kids’ and teachers’ wellbeing and productivity. Noise is associated with difficulty performing cognitive tasks and can decrease attention focus, causing low academic performance. Echo and background noise coming from students’ chatter or external noise play a critical role in impairing speech intelligibility, affecting students’ ability to understand the teachers in full. Consequently, teachers end up raising their voices which may cause them fatigue and voice damage.

While it is not feasible to eliminate noise in schools and other educational environments. SoundFix Acoustics can provide solutions to mitigate noise and its effects. Installing sound-absorbing panels on walls and ceilings will help minimise the noise. Our high-noise reduction coefficient panels are specially designed to absorb background noise and echo in large spaces where hard surfaces are predominant. Let us help you assess your noise issues; plan and execute an acoustic solution tailored to your space and specific needs.

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In average


Of the words spoken by the teacher are missed by kids when classrooms have no acoustic treatment.



Of teachers experience irreversible voice damage due to having to raise their voices when delivering classes



Of kids have manifested that noise in their classrooms has hampered their learning


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“The first thing I did was I clapped my hands and I said that’s unbelievable! It was literally that dramatic, the change. Because that was the biggest issue there was a lot of echo in the room and a lot of background noise… The kids immediately noticed the difference”

Nigel Rodrigues
Deputy Principal, St Finbar’s School

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“The gymnasium was not really suitable for its purpose because you could not communicate… The reverberation in here made it uncomfortable even for its use in sport because with the teacher having to talk with children while they were bouncing balls around, they could not be heard so they started to blow whistles and raise their voices and that even added more sound to the souND”

Emilio Scalzo
Principal, St Bernard’s Primary School.

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They were able to answer all my questions, and they were able to provide a solution within a couple of days. I’d happily recommend SoundFix to anyone

Nigel Rodrigues
Deputy Principal, St Finbar’s School

It is just remarkably different after installing the panels. Every teacher has commented on the change, and it also looks fantastic, it blends in beautifully

Emilio Scalzo
Principal, St Bernard’s Primary School.

The first day after the installation we noticed improvement in the reverberation… We can actually talk and interact with people I can recommend the product

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