Case Study 1

Broadmeadows Special Developmental School — Sound Solutions for Improved Learning

The Broadmeadows Special Developmental School serves primary and secondary school-aged students with a moderate to severe intellectual disability, sensory and physical impairments, and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The Challenge

Although the school is in a modern and aesthetically appealing building, many glass surfaces, high sloping ceilings and hard floor coverings resulted in a significant echo and reverberation in the classrooms. This reverberation was particularly hard on some students with autism spectrum disorders, who found the noise uncomfortable and distracting. This was presenting a problem to the faculty when the affected students began acting out or were distracted from the lessons.

Creating a Solution

Based on our experience, we were able to design and install an acoustic solution using sound absorbing panels. These both complemented the modern aesthetics of the buildings and prevented sound from reflecting and reverberating throughout the treated classrooms. We applied panelling to a large amount of the ceiling space, allowing extra coverage for the slope of the roof line, and high up on the walls where the panels could not be damaged by the children.

The Benefits

Echo from speech was successfully eliminated in the treated rooms and as a result background noise levels dropped significantly.This resulted in a quieter and less distracting environment for the special needs students. The work was such a success and so cost effective that the school engaged SoundFix to treat around a dozen rooms in total.