Is your classroom suffering with excessive noise causing a distraction to both students and teacher? Whilst the thought of a classroom with no lights is unimaginable, the same expectation should be applied to a classrooms sound levels.
Studies are now finding major education issues linking a noisy classroom to poor academic progress. Noisy classrooms present a barrier to learning when both students and teacher are competing with excessive noise. In fact, reportedly thousands of children are leaving the education system each year missing 25 percent of the words spoken by their teacher leaving major gaps in a child’s learning. The excess noise is just as debilitating to a child’s ability to concentrate and stay concentrated whilst completing work.
For the teacher, the problem is just as prolific. Their ability to teach is being directly hindered by excess sound. Whilst a teacher is teaching, they may be simultaneously competing between their voice and the sound produced by neighbouring classrooms, corridors, air conditioning, and ambient chatter. The effect this is having on our teachers is an increase in stress levels and voice fatigue, leading to $567 million per annum of tax payer’s money to compensate the day’s teachers are missing.
Here is where SoundFix Acoustic provides schools with an immediate solution to issues resulting from excessive classroom noise. We treat the areas with our Acoustic Panels which absorb the sound that would usually be transmitted through the air and into neighbouring areas. We provide a cost and time effective solution and ensure that classrooms remain a place of learning unequivocal to noise barriers.
Our panels will not only provide a relief from sound disturbances, but also may be used as an aesthetically pleasing feature particularly to contemporary designs of open plan areas of learning. We have both an in-house architect and interior designer who work directly with the schools to create a unique design feature, conforming to the Australian School Standards
Our aim is for all learning environment to have the enjoyment of our acoustic panels in order to eliminate nationwide the debilitating effect excess noise is having on our children’s education.
If noise is creating a preventative barrier to your students learning potentials, please contact us for a free appraisal and sound diagnostic.
We also provide acoustic panels for use in studios, theatres, conference rooms and staff rooms. For inquiries please call us on 0474 821 795 or send us an email at . We will be glad to assist in any Acoustic questions you may have and can provide you with a free sound diagnostic and quotation to ensure you find the best solution to your acoustic needs.