Are you finding your restaurant patrons are becoming increasingly distressed and impatient by virtue of excessive sound in your restaurant? Are your customers finding it difficult to communicate with one another? Are your customers leaving earlier than you would like?
SoundFix Acoustics has the solution! Time and time again we are confronted with the dismay of restaurant owners who are noticing their customers are leaving sooner, and frequenting their restaurants far less often due to the excessive noise produced, especially in peek meal hours.
In this socially thriving generation, restaurant owners desire a busy and popular establishment where patrons are encouraged to talk, laugh and most importantly share and create experiences. The problem lies in the fact that restaurants are designed to fit an economic, and aesthetically pleasing design, which do not allow for any absorption of excess noise.
Our panels provide an immediate relief of this excess noise by absorbing the unwanted sound. Our goal is not to counter the atmosphere of a loud and exciting establishment, rather eliminate the unwanted excessive noise which is leaving your patrons with an unpleasant experience.
Our product controls the unwanted and excessive sound, and leaves your establishment with a clean delivery of entertaining sound to the entire room.
Our panels create not only a monumental sound experience, but also an aesthetically pleasing architectural feature. With our in-house architect and interior designers, we can work with you to create a unique and custom plan to fit your design concept. It is important that we provide you with a design that gives your restaurant a unique and competitive edge. Restaurants and bars are choosing SoundFix Acoustics because of this multipurpose feature we offer. We are limitless in our design potential and will work with you to bring to life your ideas. Our goal is always to leave our customers with an equally aesthetic and acoustically pleasing product satisfaction.
As experienced by our restaurant clientele, the highest displeasure of restaurant patrons is excessive noise diminishing their ability to converse over a meal. Whilst many restaurants ensure that other areas of performance are of a standard fitting for their customers, controlling excessive sound is often overlooked. SoundFix Acoustics prides ourselves on our understated ability to completely transform a patron’s restaurant experience by creating an aura unachievable by any other means.
As one of our client’s acclaim:
“Before SoundFix Acoustic came to our aid, I noticed that people would be leaving way before closing time and always complaining about the noise. After SoundFix Acoustic’s installed their panels, I noticed an immediate change as people were staying an extra couple of hours. The financial gain these panels have given me is definitely justified by having patrons stay longer and be happier in my establishment and thus are spending more money”. -Harry from Harry’s Bar
We also provide acoustic panels for use in cafes, bars, nightclubs, corporate function rooms, cafeterias. For inquiries please call us on 0474 821 795 or send us an email at We will be glad to assist in any Acoustic questions you may have and can provide you with a free sound diagnostic and quotation to ensure you find the best solution for your acoustic needs.