SoundFix Acoustics recognises the importance of controlling both the excessive internal and external noises that may be affecting the enjoyment of Churches and Places of Worship.

Places of worship are often built with high overarching ceilings, large windows, and hard surfaces which create excessive transfers of noise and echos. This noisy environment may be creating a communication barrier between the minister and guests. Guests may be finding it difficult to hear the Minister, or difficult to remain solemn through the proceedings with the interrupting high frequencies of sounds being created.

Our product is highly effective in controlling sound in these areas and ensuring that at times of high activity the excessive noise is controlled. Our Acoustic Panels absorb the noise that would usually be transferred through the open spaces, exacerbating the level of noise.

SoundFix Acoustics will leave your Place of Worship with a clean transfer of noise, ensuring a return to a calm and solemn place for prayer for all patrons to enjoy.