SoundFix Acoustic recognises the effect that a noisy office and work environment has on your employees’ productivity. Excessive noise creates a debilitating exchange of information in a business environment. SoundFix Acoustic panels provide a relief by significantly reducing the excessive noise that occurs in an office environment where multiple sources of noise are being produced.
A recent study from the University of Sydney discovered the unproductivity and drain on an employee’s morale which is caused by a lack of sound privacy. It was found that employees are dissatisfied in their workplace and as such choosing SoundFix Acoustic will provide your business with a paramount solution to your noise problems. In fact, a further study in 2014 gave an average loss of 86 minutes of employees work day due to noise distractions. Our panels will absorb the unwanted noise and reduce sound reverberations to transform your work environment to one enabling your employees to work at their best.
Often offices are built for an aesthetical or economic purpose. This may be a trendy warehouse renovated into a contemporary open office space, or a commercial fit with many offices and employees working in a confined space, they both encompass hard surfaces which provide an inadequate job at absorbing the sound that is transmitted. Our acoustic panels will absorb the sound that would usually travel between these hard surfaces and high ceilings.
Whether your office is suffering from noise distractions coming from other co-workers, loud air-conditioning systems, phone calls, loud printers, or wherever the source may be, our panels will provide your office with an immediate relief of these controllable noises by absorbing the excess sounds.
Not only will SoundFix Acoustic Panels rid your office of debilitating excess noise, but further provide your office with a modern architectural feature. Whether your office chooses our most popular white ceiling panels usually best fit in a cubicle office, or whether you wish to evoke a more creative feature and consider our large range of equally efficient panels that allows for a myriad of shapes, sizes, colours, or personalised designs. Our in-house Proprietary Colouring also gives offices an exclusive option of having your brand or corporate message imprinted on the chosen panels.