SoundFix Acoustic recognises the importance of keeping our libraries alive in today’s world where independent learning is so easily accessible.

Libraries have transformed from traditional reading environments, to the now multi-purpose group centres of learning. This has enabled an environment evoking a sharing of love for literature and learning for all members of our communities to enjoy.

Whilst group learning is encouraged, it has created an increased level of sound transfers between those chatting amongst groups, and those using the private study areas. This increased sound has created difficulties in fulfilling its requirements of being a productive learning environment for all. It has been found that people are now less likely to associate libraries with a quiet area and as such are creating a fall in community’s library attendance.

Here is where SoundFix Acoustics can provide these large areas with an effective and immediate relief of sound disturbances. Whilst embracing the shared, multi-purpose, environment we tactically treat the area with installation of our panels. The panels absorb the sound that would usually be transferred through the air to other areas creating the noisy environment. 

SoundFix Acoustic enables the functionality of the contemporary large scale learning environments by maintaining a quiet environment for the use of both readers and communicators. Our mission is always to assist libraries to return to a place of tranquil learning encouraging the enjoyment of all, ensuring their longevity in our communities.