SoundFix Acoustics recognises the necessity for health services to provide their patients with a nurturing and tranquil environment. Often health care providers are unable to communicate effectively with their patients in a quiet environment as they are commonly speaking in an environment where the sound is being dominated by other conversations and phone calls happening in waiting rooms and neighbouring offices. SoundFix Acoustic Panels assist these areas in creating a quiet ambiance in order to lower stress levels and provide comfort to both patients and staff.

Noise pollution is resulting in direct negative repercussions for hospitals and medical services finding an association between loud and excessive noise with:

-heightened blood pressure and increased heart rate in workplaces.

-an increased chance of errors and staff fatigue,

-an increase of stress in staff and adult patients,

-a lack of confidentiality in patient rooms and waiting rooms. 

Studies undertaken in the intensive care unit declared in their findings that patients who were exposed to excessive noise pollution experienced an increased need for oxygen support therapy, had an elevated blood pressure, increased heart and respiration rate, and a diminished sleep. The problem this is causing healthcare facilities is a slower recovery time for patients and a slower response rate for staff. 

Unwanted noise is the noise disrupting or diminishing one’s quality of their environment. This may be noise coming from internal sources such as general chatting between staff and patients, telephones ringing, visitors, or external sources such as road traffic, deliveries, and sirens.

SoundFix Acoustic specialises in treating the unwanted noise with our Acoustic panels. The Panels absorb the excess noise that would usually be transferred through the air. This will lower sound reverberation, and will assist in significantly blocking the transfer of noise pollution.

Our product has been installed in hospitals Australia wide and meet the hospital standards of being made from bacteria-resistant material, are an ease of cleaning and have a fire 1 flammability rating.

Acoustic panels will significantly contribute to a satisfaction and enjoyment of the facility by both staff and patients. It is fundamental that patients and staff are provided with a relief from the excess noise, and are free to enjoy better rest and relief from stress, ensuing better overall patient recuperation times.

Our goal is to eliminate the excess noise problem in a sustainable and cost effective manner.