Are you experiencing excessive noise in your workplace? Call centres are particularly subject to loud and excessive noise. Employees are being exposed to debilitating noise affecting their concentration and heightening stress levels. Employees may be struggling to hear the voice on the other end of the line when there are surrounding calls, telephone rings, and chatter happening around them. Neighbouring meeting rooms, corridors and open reception areas may be subject to the travelling noise coming from the call rooms, causing another great barrier to an acoustically sound environment.
A recent study from the University of Sydney discovered the unproductivity and drain on an employee’s morale which is caused by a lack of sound privacy. It was found that employees are dissatisfied in their workplace and as such choosing SoundFix Acoustic will provide your business with a paramount solution to your noise problems. In fact, a further study in 2014 gave an average loss of 86 minutes of employees work day due to noise distractions. Our panels will absorb the unwanted noise and reduce sound reverberations to transform your work environment to one enabling your employees to work at their best.
SoundFix Acoustic specialises in containing and reducing the noise produced in call centres with our Acoustic Panels. Our panels absorb the noise that would usually be transferred through the air creating the loud echos and excessive noise. SoundFix Acoustic will provide your call centre with an immediate relief and ensure your employees are working in an environment fit for productivity and free from the distraction of noise.
Our aim is to remove the burden associated with excess noise, and return your workplace to one of ease maximising turn-over potentials for your business.