SoundFix Acoustic has a commitment to ensuring even animals have access to an enjoyment of their environments with the alleviation of any sound disturbances. Different animals, including marine mammals and fishes, have a sensitivity to sound at different frequencies.

You may be experiencing high levels of sound coming from either inside kennels, cages shelters, or sound coming from external sources. Wherever the source of noise is coming from, it may be providing a nuisance to both employees and guests as well as your animals.

Here is where SoundFix Acoustic provides an animal-friendly solution to the excessive noise your animals may be making. Our panels are installed tactfully to ensure they will not disturb or be damaged by the animals inside the enclosure.

Our panels will eliminate the excessive noise by absorbing the sound that would usually be transferred through the air and into neighbouring areas creating loud echos amongst the animals.

We are finding that animals are experiencing altered behaviour due to excessive noise disrupting their natural environments. Our panels treat the excess noise, alleviating the heightened behaviour changes the animals are experiencing.

Our recent collaboration with the Adelaide Zoo encompassed this philosophy by attesting the negative effect sound disturbances has on our animals. After the initial noise disturbance effecting the physical behaviour of the Pandas, the keepers reported that following SoundFix Acoustic’s treatment of the area, the panda’s demeanour was returned to a relaxed and stabilised state.

____________Adelaide Zoo___________

SoundFix Acoustics was approached by the Adelaide Zoo to review sound levels in the night quarters of its most famous residents – Giant Pandas Wang Wang and Fu Ni.

Adelaide Zoo’s pandas are part of the international Giant Panda research, conservation and breeding program designed to conserve this endangered species. Should Fu Ni one day fall pregnant, her birthing cycle could potentially fall during two of Adelaide’s largest festivals. Noise from these events carries across the Torren’s River precinct and the Botanic Park into zoo grounds. The extra noise being generated at the festivals resonated into the panda building and sound levels of immense 85 decibels have been recorded. Along with this, extra noise was bouncing off all the hard surfaces inside the night quarters as a result of the room having a reverberation time of greater than 4 seconds.

In preparation for a potential birth, it was essential Adelaide Zoo staff minimised noise disturbances in Fu Ni’s environment. Pandas are very sensitive to sound, especially in the lead up to the yearly breeding season or a potential birth.

SoundFix Acoustics worked collaboratively with the panda care team at Adelaide Zoo to formulate a solution to the excessive noise problem.

After months of collating research and performing and analysing sound diagnostics of the panda’s environment and night quarters area, SoundFix Acoustics installed its sound absorption panels in Fu Ni’s night quarters, den and other key areas of concern in the panda environment.

As a result of the work, SoundFix Acoustics was able to reduce the reverberation time in the building from a level that was above 4 seconds to below 0.8 seconds, while the decibel level dropped by 10dB.

The environment is now remarkably quiet and peaceful for the pandas and the staff who work with this unique and charismatic species.

The Zoo’s Panda Keepers reported that following the sound treatment of the area, the panda’s demeanour was returned to a relaxed and stabilised state.

Jason Hakof, Adelaide Zoo Team Leader Carnivores and Primates:

We chose SoundFix Acoustics as they provided us with the best quote, the most testimonials and a quality guarantee that it would make a difference in the reverberation time and general noise levels in the facility.

As soon as the installation had been completed we heard a big difference immediately and a significant reduction in noise levels within the treated areas.

We feel that we have done everything possible now to minimise noise levels in the panda building and give us the best chance to successfully breed and raise a cub. The staff have definitely noticed the difference not just in the treated areas but the facility as a whole.

I would recommend SoundFix Acoustics to other companies as they delivered what was promised at a very reasonable price and were very passionate about helping the pandas.

Lucy Catt, Adelaide Zoo Panda Keeper:

“A few various organisations had been contacted and SoundFix Acoustics were certainly the most helpful, even taking it upon themselves to conducting their own background research into the effects of sound on animals living within zoos. They were very passionate about the project and provided the best quote and flexibility in regards to instalment.

We wanted to reduce the sound in Fu Ni’s night quarters closest to her den, and in the actual den area.

 The treatment has not only reduced the reverberation in the female’s birthing areas but also the entire building. The improvements were seen immediately before the installation had even been completed, and kept improving with continued installation.

Both pandas reacted immediately to the change of the sounds in the building, but Fu Ni was certainly the most cautious initially. However, as she was approaching breeding season she did have heightened sensitivity at the time. They have now both settled well. All the panda keepers have noticed a huge change in the building, with keepers no longer needing to strain to be heard over all of the noises. The echo in the building is essentially gone.

I would absolutely recommend SoundFix Acoustics to other people. From start to finish, the entire SoundFix team were wonderful to work with”.