SoundFix Acoustic specialises in treating environments used for those suffering with a hearing impairment. Lowering noise levels and improving the verbal clarity of the spoken words are the fundamental function of our acoustic panels and provide an essential addition to any area utilised by the aged who are particularly sensitive to noise.

Often aged care facilities are finding an increased discomfort for residents and staff as a result of excessive noise. Your residents may be finding it difficult to remain relaxed, or may be experiencing difficulties with rest. Another issue often found in residential facilities is the transfer of noise interrupting one area of activities with another. Sound may be transferring from the kitchen and corridor chatter, to staff offices or the resident’s rooms.

SoundFix Acoustics can provide your Aged Care facility with an immediate relief from this unwanted and excessive noise with the use of our Panels. Our Panels will absorb the excess noise which would usually be transferred through the air and into other areas of your facility.

Open spaces and corridors are very important to treat in an aged care facility, as this area usually facilitates an easy flow of unwanted sound disrupting residents inside their rooms. Our panels are best installed on the ceilings and/or walls of the corridors and open areas, which will absorb the noise instead of allowing the noise to transfer into neighbouring rooms. Having a tranquil and quiet environment will encourage patients rest, and increase their enjoyment of activities in a stress-free manner.

No longer will staff and residents have to be interrupted from activities or chatter that is happening in adjoining rooms. They will enjoy the ability to hear and communicate with a delivery of a clean and uninterrupted transfer of sounds.