Acoustic Ceiling Panels

These panels are our most popular product, featuring a low profile and an attractive bevelled edge. Our signature ceiling panels are easy to integrate into any space. They are supplied in bright white or can be matched to almost any colour. Despite their minimal visual impact these premium acoustic panels deliver profound soundproofing results in the frequency range of human speech. This makes them ideal for busy restaurants, offices, classrooms and residences. The panels work by absorbing sound waves through the tiny pores on their surface, preventing them from reflecting and reverberating throughout the room. This sound absorption reduces the background noise level in the venue, so each speaker no longer needs to raise their voice as much, creating a cycle which lowers the overall noise level significantly. Sound absorbing panels make speech easier to understand (ideal for schools and meeting rooms) and make music sound clearer. Soundproofing can help get the best from your venue’s sound system.