7 Reasons Why Acoustic Control & Noise Reduction is So Valuable in the Workplace

Acoustic control and noise reduction is something that doesn’t get half as much attention as it should. And while there are many important factors to consider when running a business and looking out for your employee’s best interests, the amount of noise in your office doesn’t naturally spring to mind as something which would need rectifying.

Noise is often treated as ‘Well, it’s just all part and parcel of working in this kind of environment’, which is simply not true. Particularly when there are plenty of ways in which you can reduce the amount of noise pollution in the workplace.

In this post we are going to explore 7 reasons why you should consider acoustic control & noise reduction in your workplace if you haven’t already.

1 – Too Much Noise is Stressful

The amount of noise we are exposed to in the workplace has a direct link with our stress levels. With phones ringing, other people’s conversations, noise from outdoors and other neighbouring offices, it can have a detrimental affect to our general health and subsequently impact our day to day performance.

2 – Noise Affects Productivity

When exposed to just one nearby conversation, workers are typically 66% less productive – a staggering statistic when you consider all of the other distracting noises that are often thrown into the mix.

3 – You Can’t Not Listen to Another Conversation

It’s very difficult not to listen to another conversation, even if you are talking to someone else at the time. The words from the other conversation in the background invariably fight their way into brain which can distract you from the task at hand. This can lead to missing out on vital information when having an important discussion with another member of staff.

4 – Noise is Expensive

If you take a step back and consider all the problems that arise from excessive noise levels in the workplace, you’ll soon realise just how much money it can cost you. From reduced productivity to sick days due to high-levels of stress, not addressing the acoustics in your workplace is too costly to ignore.

5 – Affects Employees Ability to Multitask

It’s hard enough as it is for some to take on multiple tasks in the workplace, particularly when there’s an awful lot of distracting noises going on all around them. With well-optimised acoustics and reduced noise levels your employees will be able to work at their optimum performance.

6 – Noise is Exhausting

Not only does it invariably affect our stress levels, but excessive noise makes it much harder for us to concentrate. Any tasks which would otherwise be quite straightforward become more difficult, which ultimately affects our energy levels.

7 – Noise Can Affect Our Posture

It’s mad to think that excessive levels of noise can actually have a detrimental affect on the way that we sit at our desks, but it does! With higher levels of stress and irritation employees become more susceptible to slouching or slumping over the desk.