Soundfix Acoustics is based in Melbourne and offers soundproofing treatments

Australia wide. We have a network of experienced installers and sales consultants in every state.

We specialise in sound absorption products that offer exceptional value for money. Our innovative business model enables us to offer a boutique range of premium treatments at a great price. Our range of products can meet the design and acoustic needs of hospitality, corporate and education spaces.We also offer sound transmission treatments in most capital cities,

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Meet your ultimate silent partner in acoustic control. SoundFix Acoustics helps you achieve new levels of noise reduction in your organisational space. Our mission is to enhance the functionality and comfort of your premises through superlative sound absorption and echo elimination. We deliver complete affordable acoustic solutions for hospitality, corporate and educational settings Australia wide.

Best-in-class acoustic control

SoundFix Acoustics solutions stand apart by design. Our boutique range of custom-innovated acoustic foam products were developed in Germany after extensive research. Each of our solutions is purpose-designed to absorb sound in the frequency range of human speech and hearing. That means quiet, more functional spaces at a price-point that will satisfy the most rigorous budget requirements.

Tailored solutions for the sound of silence

SoundFix Acoustic solutions are agile and adaptive. We understand that soundproofing must fit seamlessly with your space. That’s why we offer a range of designs, sizes and colours, combined with a strong ability to satisfy short lead times.

Seamless soundproofing service from start to finish

SoundFix Acoustics is Melbourne-based, yet our nationwide network of experienced installers and sales consultants makes our superior soundproofing available in every state. Your complete SoundFix Acoustics experience encompasses specialist soundproofing advice, planning, products and installation.


Who We Serve

  •  Schools

SoundFix Acoustics provides schools with an immediate reduction in excess classroom noise. We reduce the noise using our acoustic panels which absorb sound that would otherwise bounce around the room. We provide a cost effective and timely solution and ensure that classrooms remain a place of quiet learning.

  • Hospitality/Retail

Our acoustic ceiling panels provide an immediate reduction of excess noise by absorbing the unwanted sound in your loud restaurant or busy store. Our products control the unwanted and excessive sound, and leave your establishment with a clean sound scape.

  • Offices/Call Centres

SoundFix acoustic panels significantly reduce the excessive noise that occurs in an office environment where multiple sources of noise are being produced. 

Our panels will absorb the unwanted noise and reduce reverberation to transform your work environment, enabling your employees to work at their best.  Our acoustic panels will absorb the sound that would usually bounce around modern open plan offices featuring hard surfaces and high ceilings. 

Whether your office is suffering from noise distractions coming from other co-workers, loud air-conditioning systems, phone calls, or loud printers, our acoustic panels will provide your office with an immediate relief of these controllable noises by absorbing the excess sounds. 

We can also help keep meeting rooms and offices private by preventing sound leaking to adjoining offices or coworking sapces.

  • Kindergartens

Our acoustic panels help create a controlled learning environment essential to all young children while keeping the staff comfortable during loud group activities. SoundFix Acoustics enhance the natural environments of Kindergartens, and offer a convenient and cost-effective solution to your noise problem. Our panels absorb the noise that would usually be transferred through the air creating excessive noise. 

With the treatment of our acoustic panels, young children are able to tune in on the words spoken by the teacher, without the distraction of other competing noises.

  • Aged Care

SoundFix Acoustic specialises in treating environments used for those suffering with a hearing impairment. We use our acoustic panels to reduce noise and echo, which is an essential addition to any area utilised by the aged who are particularly sensitive to background noise. 

Our Panels will absorb the excess background noise which would usually be transferred through the air and into other areas of your facility using our ceiling and wall panels. 

Our acoustic panels will enable residents to enjoy the ability to hear and communicate with a reduction in noise and echo.

  • Healthcare

Often health care providers are unable to communicate effectively with their patients in a quiet environment as they are commonly speaking in an environment where the sound is being dominated by other conversations and phone calls happening in waiting rooms and neighbouring offices.

SoundFix acoustic panels reduce the noise making sure patient rooms and waiting rooms remain a quiet and tranquil area. The panels absorb the excess noise that would usually be transferred through the air. This will lower reverberation, and will assist with noise pollution. 

We can also help make surgery and examination rooms more private, making patients more comfortable and improving confidentiality.

  • Community Halls/Libraries

SoundFix Acoustics improves the acoustic environment of community centres by significantly reducing the excessive noise that occurs at times of high activity and reducing the reverberation time using our acoustic panels so that staff and patrons can communicate effectively. 

SoundFix Acoustics enables community halls to embrace an assembly of large groups by reducing excessive noise and echoes, to provide an ideal environment for group activities.

  • Gyms

SoundFix Acoustics work with sports clubs and gymnasiums across Australia to provide an immediate relief to your unwanted excessive noise in a sustainable and cost-effective manner. 

Often sports centres and gymnasiums are built in large open spaces, with hard surrounding surfaces which creates heightened echoes and an overall increase in noise.

Our panels are specially designed to absorb the unwanted noise production, reducing the reverberation and total noise levels. This will enable clear communications and transfers of sound, restoring to a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for all to enjoy. 

  • Animal Housing

SoundFix Acoustic provides an animal-friendly solution to the excessive noise your animals may be making. Our panels are installed tactfully to ensure they will not disturb or be damaged by the animals inside the enclosure. 

Our ceiling and wall panels will eliminate the excessive noise by absorbing the sound that would usually be transferred through the air and into neighbouring areas creating loud echoes amongst the animals. 

Our acoustic panels treat the excess noise, alleviating the heightened behaviour changes the animals may be experiencing. 

  • Libraries 

Libraries have transformed from traditional reading environments to multi-purpose group centres of learning. Group settings have caused an increased level of background noise and those chatting amongst groups can hinder the use of private study areas.

SoundFix Acoustics can provide these large areas with an effective and immediate reduction of noise and echo. Our acoustic panels absorb the sound that would usually be transferred through the air, creating a quiet, multi user-friendly environment.